iOS App Development Solutions

Our UK iOS App Development team of skilled iPhone and iOS app developers will take your idea and transform it into a feature-rich iOS mobile-app solution.

After 10 years in mobile app development, our experienced iOS App Developers use agile development methodology and best-practice development processes to ensure projects are delivered on-time and on budget. Contact our iOS team for a free quote and find out how you can bring your iOS app idea to life.

Build Your iOS App

iOS is a proprietary operating system that runs on specific devices (Apple), there is therefore much less of a requirement to cater to multiple targets. We have extensive iOS app development experience in-house and will be able to deliver to your requirements.

Build Considerations

  • Rendering on all required target devices
    We have built IOS Apps for a number of satisfied customers and have well-developed processes around App build and testing. We are therefore able to ensure that the look and feel of your App will remain intact on all supported versions of IOS.
  • Security
    At influential we understand the importance of security to your enterprise. Our IOS Apps are built to maintain high levels of security across all Apple devices, keeping your corporate information safe.

  • Data
    Our deep knowledge of the various data sources found in most organisations (Databases, in-memory, flat files, spreadsheets) has driven our process around
    identifying and utilising data sources and repositories. If data is needed for your IOS App, and it exists in your organisation, we will be able to put in place the required mechanism(s).
  • User Interface/experience
    Influential is able to complete all IOS UI design in-house. Skilled App designers are able to take your look and feel from the drawing board to your users, ensuring that the user experience is delivered to your requirements.

  • Web Service
    Web development is core to the services that we offer, and we have extensive web service expertise. Regardless of the requirement, we can implement/utilise web services for data sources and integration with existing systems.

  • Offline?
    Some of our customers request offline functionality in their IOS Apps. We have developed a framework that allows offline functionality to be seamlessly built into your App.

In-House iOS App Development Skills

  • Server-side and client-side coding
  • Design patterns
  • APIs and MPIs
  • Xcode
  • Cocoa Touch
  • Objective-C or Swift
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • Mobile APIs
  • Server-side scripting
  • Database administration and integration
  • Server administration

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